Anne and Scott

About Us Scott is originally from Salem, Oregon and served a mission for the LDS church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is 25 years old, and is studying medicine at OSU. I was born and raised in California. I am 22 years old and graduated from BYU in chemistry. I am currently working for SmugMug and trying my hand at triathlons. How We Met Almost four years ago, we were standing in a ticket line at BYU and fell into conversation. Scott asked me for my phone number and I obliged... he never called! Luckily, I'm good at forgiving and forgetting so when he showed up in two of my chemistry classes a year later, our friendship immediately blossomed. Scott asked me out three weeks in a row before I said 'yes', but we've been dating ever since. The Proposal On February 10, 2004, Scott proposed. I wasn't terribly surprised because he was jittery the whole day. He got me so nervous that I kept breaking glassware in our chem lab that afternoon. After lab, we went out for a low-key dinner and he dropped me off at my apartment. There were balloons and a note on the kitchen table but I assumed they were for someone else. I chit-chatted with my roommates until one of them burst out with 'go read your poem!'. Scott used cute poems to lead me to some of our 'spots' around BYU campus. I accumulated a dozen balloons and many curious stares along the way, but enjoyed every second of it. The last note led me to a room where our song was playing. There were flowers and a dozen red and white 'I love you' balloons and a final poem. As I read it, Scott came out from where he was hiding and got down on one knee. (I said yes :) ) After a huge hug and some time just grinning at each other, we each called our families and passed the phone back and forth telling the story.
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